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Welcome to my online store specializing in authentic ancient Greek, Roman, Biblical, Medieval, Byzantine coins and beyond. Click the Collecting Guide above for a chronological list of every emperor and other important personage on ancient coins. Other great links above make it easy and fun to explore the topics available on ancient coins. Also make great unique gifts for men and women! You can ask questions via 'ask seller question' button located on any listing. Items are usually shipped by the next day, so if you are in the US especially, you will receive your order fast. My goal is for you to be a patron for a lifetime, so I would be glad to walk the extra mile by providing the highest levels of service, value and integrity. Happy shopping.

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Welcome to the best ancient Greek, Roman, Biblical, Medieval, Byzantine online coin store. Up above are pages you can click on that give you great ideas about the types of coins available for sale. Items are usually shipped daily so you can rest assured to make these as great unique gifts for both men and women. As a numismatist, I believe ancient coins make one of the best investments. Collectors of numismatic coins may fall in love with this old money. Ancient coins come in both bronze and precious metals such as silver and gold. What is great is that you can great value as these types of coins are not popularized in places such as the antiques roadshow or pawn stars. You can see for yourself by the feedback, that there is over 99% positive experience for anyone that shops here and that you are dealing with one of the best, most reputable coin dealers on the internet. Coin collecting is easy and fun with the wealth of information presented. It is an amazing feeling to hold historical currency from thousands of years ago. These coins are worth money not just for their intrinsic, but also historical, numismatic and collector value. Investing money into an ancient coin collection is for anyone who values rarity, beauty and so much more that make up this great hobby. You may be looking for advice on how or where to start. There are many great links available in my eBay store that cover many great topics on ancient coins. Anything that you buy here is of great value, especially for the long term and the short term. The prices you can buy coins here are negotiable via the 'make offer' feature that is available on all items so you can get amazingly good deals buying coins and a selection of rarities not found anywhere else. The collecting guide above is a great list that can be used as a tool to collect almost every emperor or empress as it is in chronological order and allows you to search my store for those coins by clicking on them. Other great topics, such as Ancient Greek and Roman Commemorative coins deals with the most interesting commemorative coins you can buy. Happy shopping. I look forward to dealing with you for a lifetime. Some of the oldest, most valuable ancient coins that you may find here are that of Julius Caesar and Alexander the Great. Exchange your modern money for ancient money by buying an amazing ancient coin today. A great gift for yourself and others.

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Shipping to CAN
Time Left
Morgan Silver Dollar 1882 Silver Authentic American Coin Liberty Eagle  i40632
Buy It Now or Best Offer
72% Off
C $234.11
US $777.88
+C $8.60Time left:23d 16h 43m
Roman Republic L. Saufeius Silver Ancient Coin Victory in biga Horse  i41657
1 BidC $5.36+C $8.60Time left:3d 21h 24m
TARSOS in CILICIA 164BC Club Zeus Original Authentic Ancient Greek Coin i41642
Buy It Now or Best OfferC $134.36+C $8.60Time left:29d 19h 42m
MYTILENE chief City of Island of LESBOS 2-1CenBC Zeus Dionysus Greek Coin i41625
Buy It Now or Best OfferC $134.36+C $8.60Time left:29d 6h 13m
LEAD TOKEN Helios in LEO Like Antoninus Pius Alexandria Egypt Roman Coin i41621
Buy It Now or Best OfferC $1,773.50+C $8.60Time left:29d 5h 47m
BALBINUS 238AD Countermark TARSOS Cilicia 'Medallion' Ancient Roman Coin i41624
Buy It Now or Best OfferC $1,504.79+C $8.60Time left:29d 5h 32m
Augustus "30 Pieces of Silver" Judas Jesus Christ Biblical Roman Coin i41645
Buy It Now or Best OfferC $2,687.13+C $8.60Time left:29d 5h 19m
DEMETRIOS I Poliorketes 294BC Aplustre Ancient Greek Coin Galley Ship i41640
Buy It Now or Best OfferC $456.81+C $8.60Time left:29d 20h 39m
Roman Republic  Dossenus Silver Ancient Coin Triumphal chariot horse i41663
0 BidsC $5.36+C $8.60Time left:4d 10h 36m
DEMETRIOS I Poliorketes 294BC Authentic Ancient Greek Coin Galley Ship i41638
Buy It Now or Best OfferC $349.33+C $8.60Time left:29d 20h 29m
Caligula 37AD Rome mint Large  Ancient Roman Coin VESTA Cult Home RARE i40945
Buy It Now or Best Offer
72% Off
C $165.53
US $550.00
+C $8.60Time left:4d 19h 26m
ARMENIAN Kingdom  Levon I 1198AD Quality Ancient Medieval Coin Lion Cross i41629
Buy It Now or Best OfferC $698.65+C $8.60Time left:29d 20h 51m
ARMENIAN Kingdom  Levon I 1198AD Quality Ancient Medieval Coin Lion Cross i41630
Buy It Now or Best OfferC $537.43+C $8.60Time left:29d 20h 54m
ARMENIAN Kingdom  Levon I 1198AD Quality Ancient Medieval Coin Lion Cross i41631
Buy It Now or Best OfferC $268.71+C $8.60Time left:29d 20h 57m
MARCUS AURELIUS 161AD RARE Syedra Cilicia Artemis Ancient Roman Coin i41641
Buy It Now or Best OfferC $161.23+C $8.60Time left:29d 19h 24m
TARSOS in CILICIA 175BC Ancient Greek Coin ANTIOCHOS IV Tyche Sandan  i41636
Buy It Now or Best OfferC $161.23+C $8.60Time left:29d 19h 35m
DEMETRIOS I Poliorketes 294BC Authentic Ancient Greek Coin Galley Ship i41628
0 BidsC $1.06+C $8.60Time left:6d 20h 37m
TRAJAN DECIUS 249AD Tarsos in CILICIA Medallion-Like Artemis Roman Coin  i41632
Buy It Now or Best OfferC $241.84+C $8.60Time left:29d 19h 51m
AIGAIN in CILICIA 69AD Athena Goat Rare Authentic Ancient Greek Coin i41634
Buy It Now or Best OfferC $161.23+C $8.60Time left:29d 19h 13m
CONSTANTIUS II Constantine the Great son Ancient Roman Coin Legions i35974
Buy It Now or Best Offer
72% Off
C $62.87
US $208.88
+C $8.60Time left:8d 16h 1m
Syracuse in Sicily Ancient Greek Coin Hippocamp Sea horse Athena Cult  i39686
Buy It Now or Best Offer
72% Off
C $210.00
US $697.77
+C $8.60Time left:11h 36m
PANORMOS in SICILY 254BC Zeus Eagle Rare Authentic Ancient Greek Coin i41485
Buy It Now or Best OfferC $779.27+C $8.60Time left:22d 2h 56m
FAUSTINA I Antoninus Pius Wife 146AD RARE POSSIBLY UNPUBLISHED Roman Coin i40847
Buy It Now or Best OfferC $214.97+C $8.60Time left:17d 20h 18m
 Turkey Empire: 1700-1850 A.D. Authentic Antique Islamic Silver Coin i41644
0 BidsC $3.21+C $8.60Time left:6d 20h 56m
 Termessos Major in Pisidia 71BC Zeus Horse Authentic Ancient Greek Coin i41627
Buy It Now or Best OfferC $618.04+C $8.60Time left:29d 6h 41m
Trajan 100AD  Silver Authentic Ancient Roman Coin Concordia Harmony Cult i39626
Buy It Now or Best Offer
72% Off
C $173.05
US $575.00
+C $8.60Time left:29d 17h 10m
ELAGABALUS Sacrificing 221AD Rare Silver Genuine  Ancient Roman Coin  i21266
Buy It Now or Best Offer
72% Off
C $164.93
US $548.00
+C $8.60Time left:3d 2h 59m
PROBUS 276AD Rare Silvered  Ancient Genuine Roman Coin Concordia  i23096
Buy It Now or Best Offer
72% Off
C $40.63
US $135.00
+C $8.60Time left:5h 32m
TRAJAN 98-117AD Brockage Genuine Authentic Ancient Roman Error Coin i40300 Rare
Buy It Now or Best Offer
72% Off
C $37.62
US $125.00
+C $8.60Time left:25d 21h 44m
PROBUS  281AD Ancient Roman Coin Salus Health Cult   i40823
Buy It Now or Best Offer
72% Off
C $37.62
US $125.00
+C $8.60Time left:29d 0h 12m
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