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 With Auctions too good to pass up and Bargains Galore!!! A Place for All your needs! You will find a variety of items for sale in our store. We specialize in Auction templates, Store Fronts, & Banner/Logo Designs. We also sell Advertising, Video Games, Movies, Electronics & More...
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It is against Ebay policy to deliver items via email if purchased on Ebay. Please do not ask us to take off the shipping and deliver our templates and or feedback designs to your email only. IF you would like digital delivery via email for Auction templates, Store fronts, Logo/banner Designs, or the feedback designs, please order them through our classified ad located in our store. Ordering through our classified ad is the ONLY way that we can email them to you. For FREE Worldwide Shipping with EMAIL Delivery, please see our classified ad at the link below:

Click Here For Our Classified Ad!

It is the ONLY way we can send the templates to you via email!!!



Thank you for choosing our templates as we work hard to bring pizzaz to your auctions.
If you purchase our templates to use you must agree to our terms of use.

We are posting our terms of use here so you can check back anytime you have questions.

However in all of our auctions for our templates you can find them as well.
Our rules are pretty simple but MUST be followed in order to use our templates.
If we find that you are not following our rules you will be turned in and also banned from any future

You are purchasing the right to "USE" our auction templates
You do not have the right to sell, share, copy, or steal ANY part of our templates including but not limited to our layouts, graphics, wording, or any other parts of our templates.
Our Name & Copyright MUST stay in tact at all times while using our templates

The images in our templates are not to be used anywhere outside of the template as you are only purchasing the right to USE the template. You do not own it, the html or any of the graphics.
You may use our templates on any auction site that allows basic html
You can only use our templates for auctions

(If you are purchasing our templates for anything other than these please contact us first and we will decide whether it is allowed or not.)
You do NOT have permission to use our templates as Store fronts or about me pages, as we design special templates just for Store fronts, about me pages, and Store headers. However, ANY of our templates can be made into store fronts. All you have to do is contact us as there is an additional fee.
Customizing of the templates will be an additional fee including but not limited to Adding your ebay id, store name, links to your store, about me page, etc.

Please ask for a price quote Before your purchase.
Our templates are NOT to be used to make websites.

We do web design as well therefore; if you would like a website made with our template please ask for a price quote.

We will be happy to make a website layout or webpage for you at an additional fee however we do NOT run the websites for you nor do we offer customer support in setting it up or help running it as that is up to you. We can't give you directions for websites on how to use the html as every hosting site is different. So before coming to us please know how to set it up yourself first.
Our templates are not to be shared with others. Only the purchaser may use them, however you CAN use them with multiple ebay id's as long as you let me know the names that will be using them.
If you would like a custom template, store front, Store Front Header, about me page, etc. Please contact us for a price quote.
If you have any questions please feel free to email us anytime!

Any persons who violate our terms of use, or infringes on our copyright will be turned in and could be sued for any monetary damages as well as being fined for infringing on a copyright as it is illegal.
Anyone who violates our terms such as taking our name and copyright off, or using our templates in a way that we do not allow will be contacted and blocked from any future purchases as well.


 If you would like digital delivery by email instead of the CD being shipped to you,  please contact us through our classified ad  by clicking the link below as that is the ONLY way we can send them via email only.



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