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 We sell high quality vintage Records (LPs and 45s). Our feedback verifies that we know how to select, care for, grade, describe, and safely deliver great condition recordings. We also sell CDs, memorabilia and other musical items but focus on original pressings of desirable records in top shape.

Basically:  I don't overgrade.  I'm an experienced grader.  I don't sell junk.  It's as simple as that! Please check my feedback before placing a bid.


Grading Standards

  • I grade conservatively, examing all records closely under direct light. Quality is always guaranteed.

  • If there are simply two grades given (ex., NM/VG+) grading is Cover / Record.

  • Records are visually graded, but questionable records are usually checked )(played). Play quality that's significantly different than the visual grade will be noted. I've found that most records mostly play BETTER than the equivalent letter grade, although some kind of surface noise can be found on any record if you listen hard enough.

  • Significant flaws are always noted. Therefore there should be no unpleasant surprises in the way of cutouts, drillholes, writing, stamps, stickers, tears, water damage or other noteworthy defects that isn't noted in the description or clearly visible in the photos.

  • I almost NEVER use the 'Mint' grade. If I do it will likely be unplayed, but always visually perfect. Anything less will be NM on down, in fact my standard top grade will still be NM. I will use 'Mint' only in special circumstances.

  • All of my upper grades (VG++ to M) are simply shades of the NEAR MINT or EXCELLENT grade. Quality doesn't really drop off significantly until I go below VG+.

  • Term Abbreviation Explanation
    Still Sealed SS Brand new and perfect unless noted;
    original FACTORY shrinkwrap unless noted.
    Sealed Possibly a distributor reseal, should be at least Near Mint.
    See the explanation elsewhere on this page.
    Near Mint NM Same as M-. Generally this is our top grade.
    Near Mint Minus NM- An in-between grade used sparingly.
    People would still call these Near Mint
    Very Good Plus Plus VG++ Same as others' 'Excellent'. Still basically in the Near Mint range.
    Very Good Plus VG+ Still VERY nice, quite satisfactory for most people.
    Obsessive types may need to upgrade it sometime though.
    Very Good VG

    Okay. Just not 'great'.

    Very Good Minus VG- Not trashed but getting close. Won't skip,
    plays acceptably (noise not overwhelming music).
    G Getting towards trashed. But doesn't skip; plays through.

  • About Sealed records: unlike some Sellers, I don't believe it's enough to grade as simply 'Sealed' if the cover is less than Near Mint. For my listings of Sealed records, any time a cover is not Near Mint it will be noted. And if a record looks like it's not Factory sealed ... in other words, a reseal... THAT will be noted. Most resealed records are 'distributor reseals'. These are records that, for a variety of reasons, had to be sealed after they left the factory. They are unused records that almost always prove to be Near Mint when opened. These will not be described as 'Factory Sealed' and usually will be noted as 'Sealed - cutout bin record' or something similar. For what it's worth, this has never caused any issues for me.

    Standard practice in record collecting is that a Seller can't be held responsible for what is discovered when a sealed record is opened; and once a sealed record is opened, the premium value it holds is gone, making returns problematic. If a problem ever develops in that area, I would have to weigh that standard practice against my ''satisfaction guaranteed' policy. I do offer the option to open sealed records for you, before shipping. That is the only way I could fully guarantee the contents. Please consider it, especially for particularly expensive items.

  • On a personal note- I have been selling records by mailorder for over 20 years. On eBay since about 1998 and through Goldmine before that. I've probably shipped over 12,000 items. I've never had a returned item due to mis-grading (true!). Also, I've never had to refund for items damaged in transit. Hopefully I'm not being boastful here, but it does seem to be a fact that I'm good at grading and packaging. My feedback profile is your best assurance, please take a moment to look at it.

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